PlusMedia specializes in multichannel direct response marketing through insert, print, newspaper, mass, direct mail, digital and out of home media.

MagazineDirect marketing is not just direct mail anymore! Although still a vital tactic in the media mix, there are many other direct response media channels and opportunities that provide access to your target audience.

All of them allow for the ability to track and measure results to determine the profitability of your campaign.  While your ad can incorporate the traditional “keycode” for tracking, reply devices have expanded beyond the mail-in form and phone number.

Drive to web, drive to retail, QR codes and texting allow consumers to respond to your offer when and where they want.  Pixels and cookies and re-targeting efforts allow for precise tracking back to the original display ad or search effort that initially drove the consumer to consider purchasing.  There is a greater understanding than ever on how multichannel marketing efforts work together to generate consumer response, and a greater recognition that results need to be allocated appropriately to the channels that are working together to drive response.

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