Maximize engagement and response with a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that leverages your non-social media efforts.

Engagement with social media occupies more of a user’s time online than any other activity with the exception of reading/writing e-mails. When utilized properly, the social media channel can yield favorable ROI and tremendous program scale.

Whether your objective is to build social fans/followers, generate survey or sweepstakes entrants, or to utilize the social channel as another outlet for new customer acquisition, PlusMedia Digital will help your organization develop a comprehensive social media roadmap and marketing strategy. Through the use of our multichannel attribution tools, we’ll illustrate how your social media efforts impact other channels and how your non-social marketing campaigns impact engagement and response via the various social platforms.

Our team will also ensure that your investment in other media channels is fully exploited by leveraging the high-volume, low-cost of ad inventory within the social channel, in order to capitalize on the one-to-one targeting data you’ve garnered from your other media efforts and reach the same users via the various social media outlets.